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Car Dealership

Business Leasing Services

Customer Service is Our Expertise

We are a local black-owned business with a personal touch. The level of customer service provided is paramount to the success of our partnership. Any partner should expect fast and immediate communication to serve all your needs.

Clean and Quality Vehicles

The quality and variety of our vehicles are very high, with clean and fully-maintained options that are new or close-to-new builds.

Partnership with Local Business

We are in partnership with Murphy's Autobody Shop, a GSA contract holder, serving the DC area for over 30 years as one of the largest and oldest collision repair facilities.

Affordable Flexible Leasing Options

We offer all the vehicle solution benefits for short and long term leases without the high prices.

Offer Vehicle Maintenance Options

In partnership with us, maintenance and repair options are available to ensure your vehicle is returned quickly and fully operated.

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